Stitch Fix Review #2 – January

Guess what was on my front porch today? That’s right – my second stitch fix box!

After my last fix was so dark, I did everything I could to get a more colorful one this time. I specifically listed the colors I like (warm yellows, greens, plummy purples, oranges, blues) and over the past few weeks, I pinned colorful blouses and sweaters and dresses, with polka dots and flowers on my Pinterest stitch fix board. You know what I didn’t pin? A ton of black! Holy cow. How does this keep happening?

stitch fix number 2

It’s not all bad, though. Let’s start with the good.

Liverpool Rizzo Skinny Pants, Black, Size 6 ($98)

liverpool rizzo pants

I asked for and received the Margaret M Emer pants in my first fix. I loved the fit, but I hated the fabric. This time, I asked for some Liverpool Rizzos. I love the fabric and fit of the Liverpool Anita pants I got last time (the only thing I kept from fix #1).

I love these pants so much! They fit similarly to my J Crew Pixie pants (which I recently ruined with paint – ugh. Why was I painting in my Pixies? I’m an idiot sometimes). Unlike the Pixies, though, they have fake pockets and a fake zipper placket, so they definitely look more work appropriate.

liverpool rizzo pants close

I styled them with a black and white polka dot blouse that I made, a peach J Crew Factory Claire cardigan, and black Born flats. I am in love. Verdict: Kept!

Urban Expressions Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel, Cobalt ($58)

elisha zipper accent structured satchel

I specifically asked for this purse, and I pinned it twice on my Pinterest board. I asked for it in a shade of green; I am seriously thrilled to have received this gorgeous blue. My best friend has a blue Kate Spade purse, and I’ve always loved it. Yay! New blue purse! Want to see the best part?

elisha zipper accent structured satchel lining

The lining is polka dot! Polka dot, I say! I’m going to smile every single time I open this sucker! Verdict: Kept!

…And now the not-so-good.

Liverpool Reagan Skinny Pants, Olive, Size 6 ($88)

liverpool reagan pants

This is another pair that I asked to receive. I saw them all over Pinterest, and loved them. I asked for a patterned pair of some sort. I pinned a gray herringbone pair and a brown pair with a slight window pane pattern.

I was surprised to receive this plain olive. The thing that struck me the most is that they are so similar to the gray Anita pants I bought last time.

liverpool reagan and anita pants

Why would I pay $88 for basically the same pair of pants? I wouldn’t. It’s too bad, too, because I love the way they fit. I love them so much that I went on Amazon, found them in the gray herringbone pattern for $40 less, and bought them. They’ll be here on Tuesday.

I’m sure you’ve already figured this out… Verdict: Returned

41Hawthorn Ava Silk Henley Blouse, Black, Small ($88)

I knew this blouse was coming, but I didn’t know what color it would be. I searched it on Pinterest, and found it in a beautiful blue with a green floral pattern. I loved it immediately. I was mildly disappointed when I opened the box and saw…

ava silk henley

… a black and white geometric print. I decided to try it with an open mind, though. It is patterned, which I asked for, and a natural fabric, which was also on my wish list.

As you can see, though, it doesn’t fit me very well. I am 5’9″, and I need my shirts long. You can see in the picture that it shows my side. I could never wear this to work.

ava silk henley close

The other main issue is the shape. The curve of the blouse and the weird length makes my hips look huge. That is never my goal. This shirt was a no-go. Verdict: Returned

Collective Concepts Ryleigh Pintuck Detailed Silk Blouse, Black, Small ($78)

ryleigh silk blouse

I. Do. Not. Wear. Black. Shirts. Black is a horrible color on redheads. Horrible. It makes me look washed out.

black silk blouse

How cute would this be if it was a plummy purple? I definitely like color and pattern by my face, and darker, more solid colors on my bottom half. I wouldn’t pay $18 for this blouse at Target. I’m sure not going to pay $78. Verdict: Returned

Final Thoughts: I am pretty dang thrilled about my Rizzo pants and purse, and I kept a pair of pants last time, so I am going to keep trying this whole Stitch Fix thing. I’m just not sure what magic words I need to say to get some color in my next box. I think I am going to ask for cardigans and dresses next time, and specify that I do not want black or any solid colors. I’ve got my fingers and my crazy long toes crossed!

If you’d like to try it, please use my referral code! It costs $20 to get a box, and if you buy anything, they credit that money to your order.


stitch fix review 2 Jan 2016



5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review #2 – January

  1. I enjoy reading these, debating on diving into stitch fix myself! I haven’t yet decided but am tempted more and more…if I do I will use your referral code!

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  2. Cute pants and LOVE the color of that bag…amazing! Can you write in big letters “do not send black!” My first bag was okay…I kept a pair of jeans, but the were $98 (boo.) There was a top I liked, but the price was high for rayon. Two dresses were inlcuded and I couldn’t help but think I could either for $14 at Ross. I’m going to try one more box. I hope you got the referral ca$h from my order. Great post!! Hugs!


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