My Very First Stitch Fix Box

In dire need of some new pants, I searched Pinterest for black skinny pants, and stumbled across Stitch Fix. I was pretty excited about this service. It sounded so easy and convenient. I went online and filled out a style profile, and scheduled a fix. My personal stylist reviewed the notes I left and chose five items for me.

I read quite a few blogs that suggested starting a Pinterest board just for Stitch Fix, so I spent a few days over Christmas break pinning to my newly-created Stitch Fix board.

pile of clothes dec 2015

My box came today. The clothes came right to my door. All I had to do was try them on, keep the ones I loved, and send back the ones that I didn’t in the pre-paid mailing envelope. It really couldn’t be easier. I’m not going to lie, though. My pile looked a little dark and plain for this pattern-loving girl.

Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser, Size M, Black ($98)

I specifically asked for these pants. I was so excited to try them. They look great on other bloggers, and they received rave reviews from a lot of people.

emer pants 2

I tried them with a green cotton blouse that I made out of Anna Maria Horner fabric; I love her fabrics.

emer pants close

Unfortunately, they did not work for me. They fit pretty well, and the length was great, but the fabric did not breathe. At all. I live in Florida, the state that does not really participate in this whole winter thing. I had them on for ten minutes, and they were already sticking to me. Verdict: Returned (sadly)

Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant, Size 6, Dark Gray ($78)

These were the other pants that I pinned, and I had high hopes.

anita pants

I paired them with another blouse that I made and a scarf that was given to me (I think it was from Gap).

I love these pants! Love them! They fit similarly to my J Crew Pixie pants, but they have a button and zipper and back pockets, so they look much more like pants and much less like leggings. I don’t own any gray pants, only black and navy, so I’m excited to add these to the rotation.

anita pants close

It’s hard to see the gray of the pants from the pictures (I’m still learning this fancy camera), but you can really see the gray in the picture of all the clothes at the top. Verdict: Kept

Pixley Millie Textured Dress, Size M, Navy ($68)

pixley dress

I paired this dress with my coral necklace from World Market.

This dress was a nice try, but not quite right. The waist was a little bit high on me (a normal problem on my 5’9″ frame). You can see in the picture where my natural waist is in relation to the waist on the dress. Also, I didn’t really love the netting around the neckline, which is surprising because I normally like sweet details like that.

pixley dress close

I need work clothes, and the back of this dress was a deep V that I would never wear to school, and the arm holes show my bra. This one was an easy no.  Verdict: Returned

Skies are Blue Hernandez Pointelle Detail Pullover Sweater, Size S, Dark Green ($68)

When I peeked at what was coming in my box, I thought I might like this sweater. I don’t often wear pullover sweaters, but green is a great color on me with my red hair and green eyes. I also love pointelle sweaters with the little eyelet holes.

skies are blue sweater

I paired the sweater with the same gray polka dot blouse that I wore with the Liverpool pants, True Religion skinny jeans, and my brown BOC boots.

skies are blue sweater close

This sweater was a miss. First, it’s a pullover which means once it’s on, I’m keeping it on all day. I prefer cardigans that are easy to get on and off. It is not cold enough here to wear a sweater all day. Plus, in person, the color was a little… blah.  Verdict: Returned

Daniel Rainn Zedler Lace Detail Blouse, Size S, Navy ($68)

daniel rainn blouse close

Oh, wow, I hate this blouse. I never wear solid-colored, dark, long sleeve blouses. Ever. I only have two pairs of work pants – black and navy. What on earth would I wear this with?

Also, it’s a really rough rayon fabric, which sticks to my skin and doesn’t breathe at all. I only put it on for the picture, but I knew the second that I took it out of the box that it was going to be a no.  Verdict: Returned

Final Thoughts: Of the five items, I am only keeping one pair of pants. That’s a little disappointing, since I didn’t even have to really debate on most of the box. I have already scheduled my next fix. This time, I specifically asked for patterned blouses in natural fabrics. We shall see what happens. I follow a blog, Crazy Together, and Maria has really good luck on her fixes. I would wear a lot of the clothes that she receives. I know that it took her awhile to find the right stylist, though, so I have made myself a promise that I am going to try this at least five times to give it a fair chance. What do you think? Did I make the right choice?


6 thoughts on “My Very First Stitch Fix Box

  1. Yay! I have been wanting to try this. Really smart to give it more than a couple tries. I mean I have a hard time deciding what I like even when I pick it, so I can only imagine being one of the stylists haha. Please keep showing what they send you! Love you and miss you!


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