A Bedroom for Andrew

My friend Jan asked if I would decorate her son Andrew’s bedroom. He is 13, and his room was full of mismatched hand-me-downs from his older sister. Even the wall color was leftover from when it was her room. I didn’t get a before picture with all his furniture, but this is the room’s color before.

I knew I wanted to paint the walls a much calmer color, so I chose Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams. I hoped that it would be a color that would last him through high school.


Next, I needed to pick some furniture. Before, he had a tall dresser with his TV on top; it was uncomfortably high for watching TV and playing games. He also had a platform bed that took up the entire room, and two mismatched bean bag chairs. None of those pieces were coming back into the room. His one piece of art was a framed Halo picture that he insisted I keep. Other than the Halo picture, I was working with a blank slate.

It took days of searching for the perfect furniture and accessories, but I’m really happy with the stuff that I found. This is the end result.

full bedroom view

The duvet came from West Elm. The Union Jack throw and Tommy Hilfiger pillows came from TJ Maxx.

A wall close up

I love to do groupings on walls. It’s normally cheaper to buy a collection of small art than to buy one big piece. Andrew plays football, and he requested a football picture. I found this great vintage one at Hobby Lobby. I added the three As, also from Hobby Lobby, to fill out the space.


I bought both tables at TJ Maxx. The picture and jacks came from Hobby Lobby. Andrew already owned the lamp. The bottom woven table was supposed to be the side table for his chair, but it was too small once I got it in the space, so I used it as a fun nesting table instead.

dresser close up

This awesome dresser came from Overstock. I love how the drawers are stacked, and in case you can’t tell from the picture, it’s navy! The art above it all came from Hobby Lobby, and the arc lamp came from TJ Maxx.

chair with bed edge

His “gaming” chair (to replace the bean bags) also came from Overstock. I love the tufting, and the fabric was soft to the touch. The pillow in the chair came from TJ Maxx. The chest was the one thing that I “borrowed” from the guest room (with his mom’s permission) because the table I bought was too small in the space.


Did you notice that his Halo picture is not in the room? That’s because I had a surprise for him. He had a double closet, but as a 13-year-old boy, he didn’t need that much space for his clothes. His mom had the shelves removed from the right hand side, and I turned it in to a… let’s call it a study area, although my guess is that it’s really a computer gaming area.

The desk came from Overstock and the chair was an amazing find at TJ Maxx. The doors of the closet still easily close.

Andrew’s room used to be messy all the time, but it’s been a few months, and his mom says that he keeps it neat and makes his bed almost every day. I love that he loves it.


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